Gorge Safety Committee

The charge of the committee is to oversee gorge safety and to implement and provide ongoing stewardship (with appropriate university authority and access) in order to give gorge safety consistent focus and attention. This charge was included as part of a comprehensive effort to review and recommend initiatives for improved gorge safety education, infrastructure, enforcement, and alternatives that was approved by President Skorton in December, 2011.  The full report is available here.

Todd Bittner, Gorge Safety Committee Chair
Director of Natural Areas, Cornell Botanic Gardens

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Cornell Outdoor Education

Cornell Outdoor Education develops experience-based education in the outdoor environment at Cornell University and around the world.

Mark Holton, Director
Outdoor Programs and Risk Management, Cornell Outdoor Education

Cornel Botanic Gardens logo Cornell Botanic Gardens

The Cornell Botanic Gardens is responsible for maintaining the safety of gorge trails and the health of gorge ecosystems.

Contact the main office at (607) 255-2400

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Friends of the Gorges

Friends of the Gorges is a Cornell University student organization whose mission is to promote the stewardship and responsible, safe use of the campus gorges.

Marianne Kransy, faculty advisor or

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Cornell Police

The Cornell Police enforce federal, state, and local laws as well as Cornell’s Campus Code of Conduct.

Contact the Cornell Police at (607) 255-1111.